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Classic Latex Pillow
Classic Latex Pillow
Classic Latex Pillow
Classic Latex Pillow

Classic Latex Pillow

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Classic Latex Pillow

This classic latex pillow shape is the most commonly used and popular since it fits all bed sizes well up to a queen. They provide proper comfort for the average-sized person.


With the natural bouncy feel of latex pillow, it also offers maximum comfort by keeping your head and neck aligned, relieving aches and pains.

We have revamped this standard latex pillow with uniquely design pinholes, which will enhance and provide maximum airflow.

With better relaxation of the brain, joints, and muscles, restful sleep is just a pillow away!

Firmness: medium firm (suited for back, side or stomach sleepers)
Cover: breathable knitted bamboo fabric


Kid pillow

Queen pillow

King pillow

54 x 38 x 10 cm

60 x 40 x 12.5 cm

60 x 40 x 15 cm

Ideal for children between the ages 3 to 12.

The swiss knife of pillows.

Good back support pillow for reading or working on a laptop in bed.

Perfect for all bed sizes, especially Twin and Double beds.

Perfect for all bed sizes, especially Twin and Double beds.

Ideal for back or side sleepers; recommended for the average sized sleeper.

Ideal for side sleepers; recommended for the bulky sleeper.


100% natural material

Made of natural latex, this pillow is ideal for allergy sufferers, since it’s antibacterial, mold-proof, and resistant to dust mites.


This standard latex pillow is able to last you a long time and will retain its loft (pillow height as it lays flat on the bed) all night long, without needing to be fluffed.


Designed with ventilation holes, body heat is dissipated quickly. You do not need to flip the pillow in the middle of your sleep. Ideal for sensitive sleepers who want to avoid overheating during the night.

Care and wash guide

  1. The pillow should not be washed using washing machines and dryers.
  2. This type of pillows should only be hand washed and never wring, stretch, twist or scrunch them.
  3. The pillow contains natural anti-microbial properties hence no exposure to sunlight is needed. Natural latex must not be exposed to direct sunlight as the UV rays would oxidize the material causing damage and deterioration to the sleep quality it’s supposed to provide.
  4. To clean the pillow in case it gets dirty, use a clean towel soaked with water or a mild detergent mixture. After cleaning the stain, place fresh towels on both sides of the pillow and press out excess moisture if any. Let it air dry on a flat surface and away from direct sunlight.

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